Post- Mastectomy

At Madame Pirie we provide an unmatched post mastectomy prosthesis experience.We have been providing prosthesis fittings in the Capital Region for over 50 years! You will not find more talented and experienced fitting personnel anywhere. Our senior certified mastectomy fitter has been performing fittings for over 30 years!


Madame Pirie has created a feminine environment for our post mastectomy patients by combining our services with a high-end women’s undergarment store. Instead of feeling like a medical appointment, you can expect your visit to remind you of a day at your favorite boutique. We pride ourselves in helping women look and feel beautiful, and we take particular joy in doing this for breast cancer survivors. Call and make an appointment or just stop in anytime. 14439031_10207596843421380_296691720_o

We work with your insurance provider to make sure all of your post surgical needs are met. Not only can we provide you with your prosthesis, but also a variety of bras, shape wear, and swimwear in high quality fashionable brands.